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How Local Independent Insurance Agencies Provide Value To You

April 25, 2022

When it comes to auto and home insurance, people often think, “Do I really need insurance?” or, “I haven’t needed to use my insurance, so why do I have to keep paying these companies for it?” The reality is you’re actually lucky if you haven’t used your insurance – You buy it hoping you never have to use it. When you do need to use your insurance, it’s important that your policy includes the proper coverage and your insurance company or agent takes considerable care of you.

If an unforeseen accident happens, you need the right insurance. An independent insurance agent is like having a teammate who cares about you and your insurance needs regardless of the situation. It means that you have an advocate ‘in your corner’ that will ensure you recover from your losses. In a time of uncertainty, it can be very frustrating calling an 800 number and not knowing the name of the person on the phone, if they’re even going to answer your call, or if they will contact you if you leave a message for them. It’s priceless when you’re able to call someone that you trust and they can help you through the process of an insurance claim.

Why Work With an Independent Agent

Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency in Indianapolis, IN
Comparison Site
Exclusive Agent
Independent Agent

Make it easy to quote and issue a policy


Able to shop the best rate across many high-rated companies


Help you understand your coverages and have prompt customer service

Independent agents provide a simple, trustworthy process for getting you a quote and issuing the right policy. They’re able to shop at the best rate across many high-rated insurance companies. More importantly, an independent insurance agency will help you completely understand your coverages and provide the best customer service. An exclusive agent and comparison sites are only able to provide two of these factors, which is why working with an independent agency is the smartest decision you can make for your insurance needs.

When you partner with Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency, you’re working with the type of people who “you would invite over on your front porch on a Sunday,” says Joe Nield on his experiences. We’re family-owned, hardworking, highly responsive, and we treat your policy like it was our very own and we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. If you want to see what it’s like working with a local insurance agent, click “Request A Quote” or call our office at (317) 257-2300. It takes less than five minutes and our quotes are free. We’re excited to be a part of your team. 

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