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boat on Geist Reservoir and Lake Michigan in Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL

Need boat insurance?

See below to better understand what your coverages mean and what all the different factors are that help determine your rate.

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Understand Your Coverages
  • Bodily injury liability - pays, up to the limits of the policy, for injuries to other people you cause with your boat

  • Medical payments - provides coverage for medical and related expenses to each person who incurs an injury while in, on, getting into or out of the boat

  • Uninsured / underinsured boat bodily injury - allows you to collect damages from your own insurance company if the other party injures you and is uninsured or underinsured

  • Physical damage - provided on an agreed value basis for total losses of the hull, subject to a deductible

  • Unattached equipment - coverage for portable boating equipment kept in or on your boat is automatically included with physical damage coverage up to 10% of the hull coverage amount or $100, whichever is greater, subject to a deductible...examples of unattached equipment include: anchors, oars, safety and lifesaving equipment, water skis, wake boards and similar sports equipment

  • Personal effects - coverage is automatically included with physical damage coverage for an amount up to $750 as a result of upset or collision of the boat with another object, subject to a $250 deductible...personal effects means clothing, scuba / snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment and other personal items

Rating Variables
  • Age - years of driving experience

  • Driving record - accidents, violations, claims, losses

  • Insurance history - limits and tenure with prior carrier

  • Credit - ability to make payments

  • Boat type & characteristics - year, make, model, length

  • Boat style - bass, canoe/kayak, jet ski, pontoon, sailboat

  • Construction - fiberglass, inflatable, metal, wood, plastic

  • Hull ID - 12 digits

  • Motor - serial #, horsepower, type

  • Value - boat & motor combined

  • Trailer - year, make, model, VIN

  • Territory - inland waters or ocean

  • Storage location - address

  • Storage type - residence, marina, storage unit

  • Policy details - coverages, limits, deductibles

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