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Hear How We Are Doing

Susie Sokol has carried our insurance for many years - my cars and homeowners - Susie couldn't be more helpful on questions that I have come to her with and always does any research and responds back so quickly. When I bought a new home and transferred all of my insurance, it was simple as 1-2-3 - she got it all done with me on the phone - 1 call. She keeps me competitive and continues to offer a quality product - Susie is the best!

- Lisa Golub

Susie Sokol & Mike Sokol with Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency are second to none.  They not only provide the best rates, but their customer service is fabulous. I am a realtor and I highly recommend them to ALL of my clients because I know they will take extremely good care of them, which is so important to me. I must add that my clients are never disappointed.

- Chris & Jim

I had Susie run numbers for me for our insurance because our rates continued to go up. Not only did she find us way cheaper rates but we received a $900 check back from our mortgage company! We were thrilled! She continues to check rates on a regular basis for us to make sure we always have the best price. We have shared with our family and friends and she has been able to save them hundreds as well. What a gift to be able to have people you live save you money. My faith and trust is in Weaver & Sokol knowing that my best interests are their top priority.

- Brandy Smith

Communication with Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency is outstanding. They always let you know what is going on with your account and check up on whether anything has changed. They have helped make my transition from college into the real world smoother. Whether you're looking to change insurance agencies or a first time insurance customer, Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency is a great place to start.

- Sarah C.

I came to Mike to help me get my first auto policy independent of my parents as well as renters for my new apartment. He has been very professional and easy to work with throughout the process. He was also able to accommodate specific needs I had when it came to naming additional insured parties on the policy and provided two different auto quotes. He always responded quickly to my questions and offered advice to help me qualify for additional discounts. With Mike, you will get quality, personalized service. Get him as your new agent!

- Alex G.

Susie, you are the GREATEST insurance agent of all-time!!! Thank you so much for all of your extra work helping Gary with his situation! You always go above and beyond for us and we so appreciate YOU!

- Tracy W.

Dealing with vehicles and vehicle insurance has always been a source of stress for me, but that was not the case with Mike Sokol and the Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency. Not only was he pleasant, efficient and helpful, Mike was able to save me a significant amount of money.

- Lloyd Edwards

Very professional and open to questions. Felt like I was well informed of what I was purchasing, and they were open to feedback on making changes or amendments as needed. Never felt like I wasn't getting my money's worth or being charged something unnecessarily. Really great folks to work with.

- Kendal & Ami Erickson

Mike is truly the best! Went to him immediately for my car insurance when my parents asked me to finally adult. He very quickly handled my info (even late on a Friday!) as well as my boyfriends to combine both our cars and our apartment into one plan. He explained everything that we needed to know and helped us get a good quality plan for a great price! Mike will be our go-to guy from now on!

- Amanda Rulong

Thanks for helping to resolve my issue so efficiently! You are a pleasure to work with and I really appreciate your TLC.

- Mary

Great people to work with, so knowledgeable and helpful, all my questions were answered and they helped me get the perfect coverage at excellent rates!

- Andrew & Cassie

Mike Sokol has been a pleasure to work with, and helped us save money, as we recently transferred our auto and homeowners insurance to his agency. Mike contacted us and quickly and carefully determined what we needed and liked about our old insurance. He asked pertinent questions and promised a quotation on policies that would suit our needs. The quote was prompt and competitive. Mike was able to quickly provide answers to questions we had about details of the policies. When we decided to make the change, Mike quickly got us through the paperwork necessary to begin saving on our new polices. Despite the difficulties presented by social distancing, Mike was professional and efficient throughout this entire process and has been a pleasure to work with.

- John & Kim Shaw

Our agent at Weaver & Sokol was knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. He was readily available to answer questions and saved us at least $400 on our car and house insurance bundle. My husband and I are glad for the opportunity to call someone who is on our side for homeowners insurance or auto insurance policy questions. Thanks Weaver & Sokol!

- Sarah & Joshua

Weaver & Sokol Insurance went beyond what is typically expected to help me get the right insurance packages at the right price.  Their attention to detail and follow-up was top notch. We are happy to join the Weaver & Sokol Insurance family and we would recommend them to our family and friends.

- Glenn C.

This is a great insurance company to work with. True blue, down to earth Americans who want the best for their customers. They are great people to work with, very responsive and will help you with anything at the drop of a hat. They’re the type of people you would invite over on your front porch on a Sunday. You don’t get a call center when you have issues, you get the hard working, local insurance agent.

- Joe Nield

I highly recommend Weaver & Sokol. Mike Sokol is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and cheerful! He responded promptly and welcomed all of my insurance questions.

- Jessica Devine

Mike Sokol is an thorough, patient, professional and local independent agent! He carefully answered all of our questions and described our coverage. I highly recommend choosing Mike if you want a capable, friendly, and knowledgeable local agent who is willing to go out of the way to find you the best deal on insurance.

- Alexander Mingus

Mike Sokol is friendly, efficient, and full of integrity. He truly listened to our concerns in the interest of getting us exactly the insurance we needed. We liked his attention to detail and the personal interaction we received. The competitive prices and easy payment plans are great, but what really stands out is the communication. Very pleased to be represented by Weaver &

- Alan & Ruth R.

Mike at Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency took great care of me. He helped me understand my current policy and found me something comparable for a lot less money. The transition was seamless because of his prompt communication and guidance. If you don't quite understand insurance policies and what to look for I highly recommend Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency they will walk you through it and have YOUR best interest in mind.

- Brittany Siegler

Where to begin! Susie is the best! My entire family and I have been her customer for many years. She is dependable and reliable. On several occasions she has met us at the accident scene just to make sure all was fine. She has always been great about finding us the best rates possible. You can't go wrong with Weaver and Sokol Insurance.

- Jo & Shawn

Weaver & Sokol did a fantastic job walking me through the different coverage options and helping me understand what is important and what is not needed in my circumstance. They were very quick in getting back to me with questions and were always available to take my call. They treated me as if I was their most important customer. It was all around great customer service that gives me confidence they will take care of me if anything happens to my family.

- Dan Nield

I recently purchased a home and bundled my homeowners and auto insurance with Weaver & Sokol. Their rates and customer service are second-to-none! Mike and Susie are reliable, patient, and trustworthy. I highly recommend their agency!

- Dylan Gray

It was an absolute pleasure talking to and working with Mike from Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency to get my auto insurance switched over. Mike was incredibly prompt and patient with responding to any and all queries or concerns I had about switching as I had been with the same carrier for many years prior, and the savings were a welcome bonus. I look forward to Weaver & Sokol Insurance Agency taking care of my insurance needs in the future.

- Paul Thomas

Mike was great at explaining the differences in policies and very timely in getting my policy set up.

- Bryce Lueken

Working with Mike was fantastic.  He is knowledgeable, kind, quick to respond, and easy to work with.  One of the reasons we chose Weaver and Sokol is because we felt truly valued as customers - Mike knows who we are!  Not to mention, they have great rates, too!  We're so glad to have insurance through them and look forward to many more happy, insured years with them.

- Genevieve & Ross

I have known the Sokol family for over 20 years and knowing them as I do I would not hesitate to work with them in a professional capacity. I finally had the opportunity to do so and have been nothing short of very impressed. Mike took the initiative to give me a call and inquire as to my needs and whether I might consider their agency, and him specifically, to provide consultation. As an insurance professional myself I appreciate service and quality and know that there is a justifiable cost of same. I also am more than happy to support an enthusiastic younger agent as we need many more in an industry that is generally pretty aged. I have transferred all of our personal needs coverage, auto, homeowners, and liability to Mike Sokol and Weaver & Sokol Insurance agency after being thoroughly impressed with Mike's counsel. I enthusiastically endorse and support their efforts!

- Greg & Doris Edwards

Mike was very responsive and great with answering all the questions I had for our new auto & home policies. Very professional & easy process to compare against our previous policies.

- Andrew Larrigan

Mike is as much of a quality agent as he is a quality person. He is exceptional in his responsiveness, advice and professionalism. I’m glad to have him in my corner whenever I need help.

- Max Sigmon

Mike was a pleasure to work with. He listened well and answered all of my questions, and got me a great deal on my insurance!

- Ruth Enas

I can recommend Weaver & Sokol Insurance. I took quotes from four agencies, and Mike was by far the most responsive, helpful and professional. He helped me tailor my plans to my needs. Thanks Mike!

- Mark Nickerson

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