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Love is in the Air

February 16, 2021

love is in the air in Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL

It's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means...lots of jewelry is going to be bought along with some flowers and chocolates. That jewelry can be expensive. Did you know there is a way to protect it on your homeowners, renters and condo insurance policies? Well, now you do. Just give your agent a call and let them know that you would like to add your valued jewelry to your policy.

How It Works

Coverage for valued jewelry that is scheduled on your policy is pretty straightforward. Once it is scheduled and on your policy, if it were to be stolen, lost or damaged, you can turn in a claim and get the appraised value of the ring so you can go buy another one just like it.

Most pieces of jewelry are small and easy to lose, so make sure you add these expensive items to your policy so you aren't out so much money trying to replace something so valuable to you.

Other Items You Can Schedule on Your Policy

It's not all about fine pieces of jewelry, people. There's other things that help you show love...


A musical instrument is a great example of this. Play a few tunes for the love of your life a time or two? 

You can schedule your musical instrument on your policy as well.


Some people play their instrument too loud or too much which may cause your loved one to lose their hearing. Have a hearing aid? You can schedule that too.


You may get tired of your loved one (who would have thought that could happen?), so you may try to communicate with others. You can schedule your cell phone and computer equipment.

Have a fancy machine that captures the moment?

You can schedule your camera.

Want to protect your family?

You can schedule your gun.

Give your expensive fur coat off your back while on a walk? 

You can schedule that fur coat.

Make a fancy dinner and use some fine silverware?

You can schedule that. Not the dinner, the silverware!

You can also schedule stamp and coin collections, comics, and trading cards.

You get the point...there's a lot of things you can schedule. Give us a call and get these important things added to your policy so that when you lose them or they are stolen or damaged, you will be covered.

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