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Insurance is More Than the Premium

October 13, 2020

Want to go online and fill out a quick form and price shop to find the cheapest rate possible for your insurance? Totally understand you wanting to save money, but make sure you know what you're paying for. Understanding your coverages is very important because you never think something bad will happen to you until it does. Having an insurance agent who will walk you through what your coverages mean is way more valuable than just clicking around on a website next to coverage terms that make no sense. 

See below for the things that you should look for when you start looking for insurance.

  • A Good Insurance Agent - an agent who is going to put your interests first, be available, prompt and be able to explain what you are buying will give you peace of mind​​


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  • A Good Insurance Company - finding a high-rated company that you can count on financially when you have that big claim goes a really long way in protecting your assets

  • The Right Coverages - this goes back to having a good insurance agent, but knowing what your coverages mean and how they cover you when it comes time of a claim will prove to be more valuable than saving a few extra dollars without the correct coverages

    • Deductibles are a great example of this...a $1,000 comprehensive and collision deductible on your auto insurance ​might be a little cheaper in premium than a $500 deductible, but you'd pay the first $1,000 at the time of a comprehensive or collision claim instead of $500 before the insurance company pays the rest. On a homeowners insurance policy, your all perils deductible vs. your wind/hail deductible is a big difference. Some companies put a 1% wind/hail deductible, which means you take 1% of your dwelling (coverage A) amount and that becomes your deductible when you file a wind/hail claim. Wind and hail claims are one of the most common types of claims, so if your dwelling coverage is $250,000 then your wind/hail deductible would be $2,500.

    • See our different product pages on our website to better understand your coverages (auto, home).

Insurance is more than the premium. Having a good agent that you can trust, and who will make sure you understand all of your coverages is just as important as the premium. Do you want to be stuck on hold with a customer service rep who doesn't even know who you are OR know that we are available and we are the ones you'd call when something bad happens? A reliable, financially stable insurance company is also just as important as the premium because there would be nothing worse than paying for insurance and the company not being able to cover you at time of a claim. Lastly, the right coverages protecting what is most valuable to you is what insurance is all about. GIVE US A CALL and experience what it's like to be well taken care of.

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